Flo Tools 2020.5

Pro Tools 2020.5 is out so the Flo Tools Team is right on it with Flo Tools version 2020.5. See how those numbers go together nicely? Yeah, we thought so too. There’s a bug fix and a little maintenance—nothing major.

Folder Tracks and Solo

Have you been enjoying the new folder tracks feature? It’s great, isn’t it? Well, we discovered that it’s not so great if you solo a track inside a folder and try to “unsolo all” with flo Tools. We learned that folder tracks bring a new kind of solo state specific to the whole folder track world and we needed to teach Flo Tools to recognize this additional type of solo.

Retired Macros

Due to a conflict between Pro Tools’ self-voicing of track selection and Flo Tools reporting the same, a condition would sometimes arise when a group became selected, causing VoiceOver to enter a stuttering fit. We’ve decided to eliminate a couple of macros that automatically spoke the extension of selected tracks. Unfortunately, when you use Control+Shift+Semicolon or P to extend the edit selection to adjacent tracks, you’ll no longer hear VoiceOver indicate that the selection is being extended and which tracks are being added. Instead, Pro Tools speaks the name of the track being added without any additional information. Once your selection is made, you can always simply press Option+Shift+l to have Flo Tools inform you of which tracks are currently selected.

All the best from The Flo Tools Team!

Written on May 31, 2020