Flo Tools 2.01

It’s true, there’s a new version of Flo Tools out today, version 2.01. There are a minor fixes for the installer, and a new feature to automatically check for updates.

Here’s the deal: A handful of users had issues where Keyboard Maestro was not recognizing the newly installed macros. This new installer pokes Keyboard Maestro and says, “Hey, buddy, you’ve got new macros in your pocket. Wake up and pay attention.” Then the Keyboard Maestro Engine splashes some cold water on its face, reboots and is fresh as a daisy, well aware of the update.

So, we couldn’t just change the installer without adding some cool new feature, could we? Of course not. So, from here on in, whenever there’s a new version of Flo Tools available, you’ll automagically get a notification the next time you launch Pro Tools. You’ll have the option to click the link to go download the new version or choose to have a reminder the next time you launch Pro Tools. If you’d rather rock it old school and not update, you can choose to skip the new version. If you do skip the update, naturally, you’ll eventually kick yourself for not having updated when you see all the cool kids with the new version of Flo Tools. Don’t worry, as usual, we’ve got your bak. Just go to the Keyboard Maestro Engine menu extra while Pro Tools is launched and arrow down until you see the item that says “Flo Tools” and then the version number along with “Check for update.” Selecting this will bring up a dialog where you can follow a link to download the latest version.

Keep in mind, however, that all of this will only be possible starting with Flo Tools version 2.01 which is available right this very moment so, what are you waiting for? Go click the download link!

The Flo Tools Team

Written on December 30, 2016