Flo Tools 2.2

Isn’t it about time for a Flo Tools update? We sure think so. We’ve added a few shortcuts to help report things like edit modes and playback status. Dragging clips to the timeline used to be tedious or even impossible. Guess what? Not anymore.

Perhaps most exciting is the new facility for MIDI editing. We think you’ll love it.

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Flo Tools 2.01

It’s true, there’s a new version of Flo Tools out today, version 2.01. There are a minor fixes for the installer, and a new feature to automatically check for updates.

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Flo Tools 2.0 is Here!

What’s new in Flo Tools 2.0, you ask? Well, sit back and let us tell you!

New major features include Plug-In Views, Flo Tools Num Pad, and Flo Tools Mouse.

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Flo Tools 1.0