Flo Tools 2023.6

Greetings from the Flo Tools Team. We’re long overdue for a Flo Tools update so here it is. This update supports Ventura, retires Shortcuts Helper, adds new macros for Fade Dialogs, and includes minor fixes.

Support for Installation on Ventura

Although there are several issues with VoiceOver, Pro Tools and Ventura running on Silicon machines, there are some users who essentially have no choice but to use Ventura. Given that reality, we’ve updated the Flo Tools Installer to support Ventura. We have seen some unexpected behavior at times and it’s virtually impossible to predict how certain combinations of hardware and software will behave, so if you discover any problems with installation, be sure to let us know.

Shortcuts Helper is Being Retired

For several reasons, we’ve decided to retire the Shortcuts Helper. Now that Pro Tools includes the Keyboard Shortcuts window and virtually all keyboard shortcuts are user-definable, it began to make less and less sense to continue with this legacy framework. Between the Keyboard Shortcuts window and the Pro Tools Search feature, the Shortcuts Helper has become less important. The Flo Tools 2023.6 Installer removes the old Shortcut Helper macro groups and streamlines Flo Tools within Keyboard Maestro.

New Fade Dialog Macros

Occasionally, Avid unexpectedly changes the names of UI elements and Flo Tools needs to adapt to those changes. Such was the case when they renamed a few clusters within several Fade and Crossfade dialogs. Flo Tools now correctly reports fade curves when using Option+Left/Right Arrow keys within all fade dialogs. It has taken a little while for Avid to get the names of these various shapes correct and we hope things won’t change again in the next release ;)

MIDI Event List Macro Group Folded into Flo Tools Macro Group

In a further streamlining effort, we’ve folded the macros from the MIDI Event List macro group into the main Flo Tools macro group. It doesn’t affect behavior of the MIDI-related macros and simply tidies things up.

Elastic Audio Inspector reporting Fixed

Again, Avid decided to change the name of the Elastic Audio pop-up menu to include the term “ARA” and thus the previous Inspector macros to report Elastic Audio state stopped working. We’ve updated the macro to look for the new name and it now reports correctly.

We hope these few changes are helpful, and we’ll continue to work on improvements whenever possible. We do have a list of features we’d like to implement and we’ll try to anticipate users’ needs as quickly as we can when new versions of Pro Tools are introduced.

Until next time, go with the Flo. :)

The Flo tools Team

Written on June 10, 2023