Flo Tools 2020.3

Can we interest you in a Flo Tools update? Of course, we can! It’s about time, eh? What’s it been? A year? Well, almost a year, it turns out. With the release of Pro Tools 2020.3, the Flo Tools Team has made a few tweaks to stay on top of things.

What’s Under the Hood

While there are no new Flo Tools-specific features in this release, we did have to make sure Flo Tools played nice with Folder Tracks. Let’s just say they’re on speaking terms. Hopefully there will be a little more functionality when Avid adds the ability to identify the expanded/collapsed status of folders in the Tracks List.

Shortcut Helper Additions

We’ve added Shortcut Helper macros for the new keyboard shortcuts introduced in Pro Tools 2020 related to Folder Tracks. While we were at it, we added the ones that were introduced in Pro Tools version 2019.10. (Oops!) Well, what did you expect—a whole new version just for the sake of 2 Shortcut Helper macros? ;)

Bug fixes

We’ve also adressed a number of bugs for shortcut conflicts, update alert, installer, and so on.

That’s a wrap.

The Flo Tools Team

Written on March 31, 2020